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General Membership Categories
                                                          Life Membership Categories
Associate Membership                        $25.00 per year                               #1 Age 18 – 35                $300.00
Active Membership (stock owner)       $25.00 per year                               #2 Age 36 – 50                $250.00
Junior Membership (14 to 18yrs)         $10.00 per year                               #3 Age 50 +                     $200.00
Sub Junior (Less than 14yrs)                $5.00 per year
JUNIORS:  No application fee, must be accompanied by an adult
                  Birth dates must be noted on your renewal

**Please note-five years of general membership is
required prior to obtaining life membership status.

Application. New Member Application fee        $15.00

As a reminder, non interest-bearing stocks are available at $10.00 per share.  Ownership of stock is limited to 10
shares per member.  If you are interested in becoming a share owner, please fill out the stock portion of your dues
and remit the appropriate amount per share of stock desired.

NOTE:  2020 Membership dues are due now.
Please check the lower right corner of your address label on your envelope.  The number represents the year for which
you last paid your dues, and should coincide with the year written on your membership card.  If this number is “20”
then your membership is valid through December 31, 2020, and you should have received your 2020 membership
card.  If this number is “18” or “19” then your membership is past due.  To renew your membership, please complete
the membership remittance enclosed with the newsletter, and together with the appropriate fees and dues (checks
please, no cash) mail to:  Kelley Huber

                             North End Gun Club
                             10027 Ziegels Church Rd
                             Breinigsville, Pa.  18031

PLEASE make checks payable to North End Rod & Gun Club, not to Kelley.  Thanks!!