Pistol Range Rules - No Exceptions
1. Members only no guests.
2. Have membership card on you
3. No Alcohol
5. Pistols must be legal for hunting, self defense, or competition in PA
6. Use only target frames provided, no building any others!
7. No vehicles on range
8. Anyone under 18 years of age must have parent, guardian or Jr. Club instructor with them
9. There are dwellings beyond our range. Keep all rounds in range. You will be held responsible

1. No shooting if farmer is working in fields down range
2. All pistol actions or cylinders open and unloaded until ready to fire
3. Load only 6 rounds
4. Slow fire only - 1 every 10 seconds - still shooting only – no quick draw shooting
5. Paper targets only - No bottles, cans, metal, wood or anything else
6. No tracers, incinerare, armor piercing or explosive rounds allowed
7. Ask if line is clear before shooting or going down range to change targets
8. Open and unload all actions, magazines and cylinders when someone goes down range
9. Range closed during trap shoots, organized rifle matches or dates listed on web site

Everyone Benefits
1. Follow all rules or lose your membership
2. If you see anyone violating range rules, do not attempt to stop them! Write down the infraction,
description of person or persons and vehicle, license plate number and notify the club
3. When finished clean up and leave the range better then you found it